The Winter's Tale & A Christmas Carol Auditions

March 17 from 1:30 - 3:30 @DixonStageLeft

On March 17th, we will be holding full auditions for our summer production of "The Winter's Tale" and first round lead auditions for our Christmas production "A Christmas Carol."
For The Winter's Tale please prepare a monologue from a Shakespearean text that showcases the desired character you wish to play and your ability to perform.

Please also be prepared to read selections from the script. You can find full texts of "The Winter's Tale" online if you wish to begin preparing now.

There are limited roles suitable for teenagers in The Winter’s Tale. Anyone who is 16 years and older is encouraged to audition.

*Also note that due to the length of the show, Stage Left will be editing the script down. Certain characters may be fully removed from the show if they do not pose great plot importance.

[The role of Leontes has already been cast]
For A Christmas Carol please come prepared to read selections from the script. If you wish to prepare those before hand, please contact us and we will get you the selected sides.

Because of the large scale nature of our 2019 Christmas show, we are casting the lead roles in advance. The roles we are looking to cast right now are as follows and will be portrayed by actors 21 years and older (ages listed are what age the actor should be able to portray on stage, not actual ages):

SCROOGE: (60-70, M) He is an elderly man with wisps of gray hair and raspy voice. He is not so much selfish as completely indifferent to other people.

BOB CRATCHIT: (30's, M) He is a hard worker and a devoted family man. In the office he is servile from necessity, but at home he is king.

FRED: (Mid 20's, M) Scrooge's nephew, he is an irrepressibly cheerful young man.

MARY: (Mid 20's, F) Wife of Fred, she is a pretty, young wife with a mind of her own.

MARLEY'S GHOST: (60-70, M) He is Scrooge's former business partner suffering under the chains he forged while still alive. He is in great distress and wishes to warn Scrooge of the fate he may suffer.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PAST: (Timeless, M or F) A playful sprite that wishes to remind Scrooge of the joy he used to have in life.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS PRESENT: (Timeless, M or F) A jolly character who embodies the nature of St. Nicholas. The spirit wishes to show Scrooge the path that he is headed down if he does not change his ways.

GHOST OF CHRISTMAS FUTURE: (Timeless, M or F) Nonspeaking, this spirit foretells the doom of Scrooge as he is. The character embodies a haunting nature that reminds of us of the finite lives we live.

There will be a second round of auditions later in the year for minor and supporting roles. There are roles suitable for teenage and child actors in this production and will be cast at the second audition.

If you are not cast as a lead, you may still be cast in a different role and do not need to audition then. Please indicate your desire to be cast on your audition sheet.
We look forward to seeing you at auditions. If you have any questions, please contact the theatre!

PLEASE share this info with anyone you might think is interested in  auditioning at DSL or that might be interested in helping with  productions. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about acting at Stage Left email us at or call are Theater Manager, Spencer Aurand, at (815) 501-8113

Shakespeare Workshops


Please Join us!

We know that it is intimidating to take on Shakespeare. That is why here at Stage Left we want to set you up for the greatest success possible when you audition for our upcoming summer Shakespeare show "The Winter's Tale."

Two workshops will be held to equip you to become a great Shakespearean actor. Even if you decide not to audition, these workshops will provide you techniques and tips to approach Shakespeare with the greatest of ease.

March 2nd

The first workshop will focus on selecting an appropriate monologue from a work by the bard and various techniques in recitation and acting the part. 

March 16th

The second workshop will help you to further hone your monologue and prepare you for auditions on the 17th. We will provide feedback and tips to assist you in creating a well rounded audition.

Please consider joining us for these two workshops. You do not have to attend in order to audition, but it would be worth your time to do so. 

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Stage Crew & Lighting


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Whatever you availability, there's something you could help us with that would make our shows an even better experience for everyone. Thank you.  

Set Construction


Here at Stage Left we're always working on the next show, and we often come right down to the wire to finish a set. With your help we can get even more done faster and truly make every show better than the last!



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