Help US Growing Our Production team

Directors/Assistant Directors

Here are Stage Left we're always on the lookout for new talent to make our productions great! If you have experience with directing or just want to learn, we would love to have you and help you bring your vision to life.

Stage Managers

Not all of our production require a backstage crew, but when they do we usually need a SM backstage turning the cause to order and helping each show run smoothly.

If you're interested in working backstage at SL send us a resumé and we'll be in contact the next time an opportunity comes up.

Lighting & Sounds

Every show we do at SL involves complex lighting and sound cues even if it seems simple form the audience. Making sure that portion of each show runs smoothly is crucial to a good audience experience.

We're allows looking for assistance in the booth to help free up out regular production team for other jobs on show nights. Please contact us if you're interested! 

Want to Volunteer with us?

Front of House


 Ushering, selling tickets, or handing out programs.

Whatever you availability, there's something you could help us with that would make our shows an even better experience for everyone.

Set Construction


Here at Stage Left we're always working on the next show, and we often come right down to the wire to finish a set. With your help we can get even more done faster and truly make every show better than the last!



We're always happy to accept any donations to help the theater grow, but if you were interested in helping us raise those donations we'd be more than happy to work with you!

Often, in a busy theater schedule, there's little time left to pursue growing the theater, reaching out to the community or holding special events for VIP's. With your help, Stage Left could grow even faster and bring great theater to even more people in the area.